Mass Payouts

What is Mass Payouts?

Mass Payouts let you send multiple payments in one step. Unlike traditional methods, it does not require any technical knowledge. Uploading a CSV file to our platform is the only step.

To start off, you need to have a verified iyico account to access the Mass Payouts feature. First-time users should contact their Account Manager or iyzico Customer Support at for the authorization.

Then you need to submit your recipients’ payout info in iyzico platform. iyzico processes each payment in seconds and provides you a detailed report of the payout status which is accessible at the iyzico web panel.

How does Mass Payouts work?

When a Mass Payout request is made through our platform, iyzico transfers each payout to the corresponding recipient who has an iyzico account in place. If a recipient is not registered at iyzico, then iyzico notifies them via mail and SMS about the payout transfer and request them to register with iyzico to receive the payment.

There are three status for payouts:

  1. Sent: Recipients who are already iyzico members receive their payouts in seconds.

  2. Pending: Recipients who are not iyzico members yet are required to register with iyzico within the upcoming 30 days to access the transferred amount.

  3. Expired: Recipients who had not registered with iyzico within the required 30 days period have their status shown as ‘Expired’. Money is returned back to sender’s account.

How do the recipients get their money?

Each recipient receives a mail and SMS notifying them about the payment. There are three scenarios for recipients:

  1. Recipients with an iyzico account can access their balance in seconds if the mail belonging to the iyzico account and the one specified in the CSV file match. Recipients can access their balance by logging into their iyzico account.

  2. Recipients with an iyzico account that belongs to another mail address than shown in the CSV file. Either the payout sender should change the mail address at the CSV file to the mail address of the iyzico account, or the recipient needs to create another account with iyzico, linked to that specific email address.

  3. Recipients who do not have an iyzico account are directed to iyzico’s register page to choose their membership type (Personal or Business). It is up to the recipient to choose which membership type to select. In both cases, recipients receive their money once the membership is complete.

How do I specify the payout recipients’ information in the CSV?

To specify the payout receivers, all you have to do is to fill out an Excel file like in the following:

John Doe 904443332211 20.00
Jane Doe 905554443322 1000.00
RecipientName RecipientSurname 906665554433 250.00

As the recipients are receiving the payout via their iyzico account, there is no need to specify any bank account information.

While filling out the Excel, please make sure that the inputted information is correct and the phone number as well as the amount information is formatted as shown on the above table.

Mobile number format: 904443332211
Payout amount format: 1000.00

Once the Excel is filled, please make sure to save it as a .csv file.

Please make sure that the CSV document is formatted as below to ensure that payouts are transferred correctly. Except the last value that is the amount, after each value, there needs to be a comma followed by exactly one space.
John, Doe,, 904443332211, 20.00
Jane, Doe,, 905554443322, 1000.00
RecipientName, RecipientSurname,, 906665554433, 250.00

An example file is available for you to download here. You can continue from this document and upload it to the Mass Payouts page on the panel.