*This service is only available in Turkey

Please refer to the example below for a detailed description of iyzico marketplace solution.

Let's assume that there are 3 sub-merchants using the marketplace. These sub-merchants can be an individual (C2C), a private company (B2C) or a legal entity (B2B). Let's assume a customer fills their shopping basket with items from 3 different merchants with costs of:

  • 30 TRY from merchant A,
  • 50 TRY from merchant B,
  • 20 TRY from merchant C,

for a total of 100 TRY. As we all know, escrows function on a per-item basis and since it is possible to purchase items from different merchants, each item's status may also differ. For example, the purchase from merchant B may be canceled or returned, the item from merchant A may have already been shipped or even approved by the customer while merchant C might not have shipped the item yet.

iyzico doesn't interfere with escrows between merchants and customers; it only works as a medium for the collection of the payment and awaits the merchant's approval for the transfer.

Essentially, iyzico Marketplace solution involves the collection and settlement processes. The integration process consists of the following 3 steps:

  • Sub-merchant registration
  • Payment (handled through API or Payment Form integration)
  • Approval of item for money transfer

Sub-merchants require a one-time registration with iyzico in order for all future money transfers to be possible. This is done by the onboarding API; as soon as a merchant is registered with iyzico, a sub merchant key is generated for the merchant after the request.

During the payment process, each item's sub-merchant and price details are transferred through the subMerchantKey and subMerchantPrice parameters.

These parameters are added to every single item for each payable service. Payment, Payment with 3D Secure, Payment with BKM Express, Payment with PECCO and Payment Form.

Input Name Data Type Mandatory Description
subMerchantKey String Yes Returned value from sub merchant create request
subMerchantPrice String Yes Amount that needs to be transferred for sub merchant

For a Sandbox(test) account, please make sure that the iyzico account type chosen is a marketplace account. You can contact with your sandbox sub-merchant number regarding integration requests.

The interface will include these;

  • basket total (price),
  • final amount that is going to be withdrawn from the card, including discounts, etc. (paidPrice),

and for every item in the basket;

  • item price (itemPrice)
  • the amount subMerchant will receive (subMerchantPrice)
  • sub-merchant key (subMerchantKey)

With the earlier example in mind;

price = 100 paidPrice=110 basketItem 1 price=30 subMerchantPrice=27 subMerchantKey=G2FCFycIof0paTP6687dOoch9Tc= basketItem 2 price=50 subMerchantPrice=42 subMerchantKey=D9V/MqIRitUzA4dutL+nCBvnWfs= basketItem 3 price=20 subMerchantPrice=18 subMerchantKey=D9V/MqIRitUzA4dutL+nCBvnWfs=

Once the escrow between the buyer and seller is complete, the item must first be approved before the money transfer can take place. Also, both the buyer and the seller must accept the agreement before proceeding with the integration.

Buyer and Seller Agreements

Since the flow of payment at the marketplace will be controlled by iyzico, both the buyers and sellers must first accept their repective, one-time, iyzico agreements. For this, you have to make sure that the following agreements are digitally signed by the respective entities:

Your users will have a chance to accept the iyzico Service Terms at two different times:

  • During sign-up
  • During item listing or on the payment page

This has to be done only once for each user and any user that have already accepted the iyzico Service Terms during previous item listings or payment will not be required to accept the agreement again for further actions.

Alternative - 1: By adding the "iyzico Platform User Agreement"on the agreement confimation phase of the sign-up page of your webpage, you can make anyone signing-up for the marketplace to also sign-up with iyzico automatically. This can easily be achieved by adding the link for buyers and link for sellers to your sign-up page using Iframe.

Alternative – 2: By directing your buyers or sellers to their respective agreement links from the Item Listing or Payment pages, you can make anyone using the marketplace to also sign-up with iyzico automatically.

iyzico sign-up for sellers:

You can allow any merchant -that would like to make sales on your website- to accept the iyzico's Service Terms during any phase of the item listing process by directing them to the link using Iframe.

iyzico sign-up for buyers:

Your buyers must agree on the fact that their payment will be kept safely in aniyzico escrow account until they receive and approve the items they have bought by accepting iyzico's one-time Service Terms on the link during the payment process.


If you have questions about this service, get in touch with us and find out how we can help you.