Protected Bank Transfer

It’s no secret that one of the keys of being successful in ecommerce businesses is the ability to support different kind of payment methods. Bank Transfer payment method has a considerable amount of ecommerce volume in Turkey and iyzico provides you an easy way of processing bank transfers.

To be able to start getting payments with Protected Bank Transfer, it is enough to display a link or a button generated by iyzipay API in your website. iyzico merchants who decide to make this integration can activate protected bank transfer in sandbox environment. So testings can be done easiliy. To activate this feautre please send an email to Once you activate this feature, it will appear immediately in iyzico checkout form.

Using iyzico's protected bank transfer feautre provides merchants a lot of benefits.

  • You do not need to have different bank accounts. By default iyzico allows you to get payments through Garanti Bank, İş bank and Akbank. Other banks will be supported on iyzico side so you do not need to spend time and resource for possible additional development.

  • Finance and accounting departments do not have to check transactions manually. You don't spend extra time. It also saves you from possible mistakes caused by manual process. iyzico checks payments in every 15 minutes and changes the status of payments automatically.

  • Customers and merchants are informed in every step of payment process. We send sms and emails to our merchants and their customers from the beginning of bank transfer form process until the completion of payments. Customers are allowed to make transfers for 3 days.

  • With Protected Bank Transger payments, cancellations and refunds are handled by iyzico. Your customers can also get 7x24 instant support via chat tool in iyzico's platform or phone calls.

  • Even your customers make transfers to different banks you get reportings within a same template. It is easy to understand and reachable on merchant panel. Reportings can also be received via API requests.

  • As soon as a bank transfer has been identified, a post notification is sent to url given by merchants. Notifications allow you to keep your payment's statuses up to date.

Protected shopping feature increase the customer satisfaction.

Protected Bank Transfer integration has 2 simple steps

1. Init Protected Bank Transfer Form

2. Retrieve Bank Transfer Result