Error Codes

errorCode errorMessage errorGroup
10051 Insufficient funds NOT_SUFFICIENT_FUNDS
10005 Operation not approved DO_NOT_HONOUR
10012 Invalid transaction INVALID_TRANSACTION
10041 Lost card LOST_CARD
10043 Stolen card STOLEN_CARD
10054 Expired card EXPIRED_CARD
10084 Invalid CVC2 INVALID_CVC2
10057 Operation not permitted to card holder NOT_PERMITTED_TO_CARDHOLDER
10058 Operation not permitted to terminal NOT_PERMITTED_TO_TERMINAL
10034 Fraud suspect FRAUD_SUSPECT
10093 Pickup card PICKUP_CARD
10201 Operation not permitted by card CARD_NOT_PERMITTED
10204 An error occurred while processing payment UNKNOWN
10206 Invalid CVC length INVALID_CVC2_LENGTH
10207 Need to receive approval by bank REFER_TO_CARD_ISSUER
10208 Invalid bank merchant category INVALID_MERCHANT_OR_SP
10209 Blocked card BLOCKED_CARD
10211 Invalid ECI INVALID_ECI
10213 Bin is not found BIN_NOT_FOUND
10214 Communication or system error COMMUNICATION_OR_SYSTEM_ERROR
10215 Invalid card number INVALID_CARD_NUMBER
10216 Issuer not found NO_SUCH_ISSUER
10217 Debit cards require 3D-Secure DEBIT_CARDS_REQUIRES_3DS
10219 Request timeout REQUEST_TIMEOUT
10222 Installment option not allowed for the terminal NOT_PERMITTED_TO_INSTALLMENT
10223 Requires day end REQUIRES_DAY_END
10225 Restricted card RESTRICTED_CARD
10226 Max PIN tries exceeded EXCEEDS_ALLOWABLE_PIN_TRIES
10227 Invalid PIN INVALID_PIN
10228 Bank or terminal is not processing operation ISSUER_OR_SWITCH_INOPERATIVE
10229 Expiration year or month is invalid INVALID_EXPIRE_YEAR_MONTH
10232 Invalid amount INVALID_AMOUNT
10237 Refund not allowed for this debit card REFUND_NOT_ALLOWED_FOR_THIS_DEBIT_CARD