iyzico bin service contains up-to-date active valid issued cards for Turkish Market.

Input Name Data Type Mandatory Description
binNumber String No First 6 digits of card
locale String No Language settings (default: tr)
conversationId String No Conversation ID to match request and response
Output Name Type Description
status String Service response result. (success / failure)
locale String Language settings (default: tr)
systemTime Integer Response system timestamp value
conversationId String If set, conversation ID to match request and response
binNumber String First 6 digits of card
cardType String Valid values are CREDIT_CARD, DEBIT_CARD, PREPAID_CARD
cardAssociation String Valid values are TROY, VISA, MASTER_CARD, AMERICAN_EXPRESS
cardFamily String Valid values are Bonus, Axess, World, Maximum, Paraf, CardFinans
bankName String Name of the issuer bank
bankCode Integer Bank code of the issuer bank
errorCode String Error code if service response status is failure
errorMessage String Error message if service response status is failure
errorGroup String Error group if service response status is failure

This service only covers cards issued in Turkey.

Sample Codes
$request = new \Iyzipay\Request\RetrieveBinNumberRequest();

$binNumber = \Iyzipay\Model\BinNumber::retrieve($request, Config::options());
RetrieveBinNumberRequest request = new RetrieveBinNumberRequest();
request.Locale = Locale.TR.ToString();
request.ConversationId = "123456789";
request.BinNumber = "554960";

BinNumber binNumber = BinNumber.Retrieve(request, options);
RetrieveBinNumberRequest request = new RetrieveBinNumberRequest();

BinNumber binNumber = BinNumber.retrieve(request, options);
    locale: Iyzipay.LOCALE.TR,
    conversationId: '123456',
    binNumber: '554960'
}, function (err, result) {
    console.log(err, result);
request = {
    locale: 'tr',
    conversationId: '123456789',
    binNumber: '454671'
bin_number =, @options)
request = dict([('locale', 'tr')])
request['conversationId'] = '123456789'
request['binNumber'] = '454671'

bin_number = iyzipay.BinNumber()
bin_number_response = bin_number.retrieve(request, options)
    "locale": "tr",
    "conversationId": "123456789",
    "binNumber": "540118"
    "status": "success",
    "locale": "tr",
    "systemTime": 1472792827672,
    "conversationId": "123456789",
    "binNumber": "540118",
    "cardType": "CREDIT_CARD",
    "cardAssociation": "MASTER_CARD",
    "cardFamily": "Bonus",
    "bankName": "Garanti Bankası",
    "bankCode": 62